Weird Tubular Creature Caught on Camera Under the Sea

pyrosome pyrosome

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What resembles a 60-foot-long inflatable tube, or perhaps even a strange alien species, is actually a pyrosome. While it appears to be one massive tubular creature, it’s actually made up of many thousands of animals known as zooids embedded in a gelatinous tube.

Marine biologist Rebecca Helm explained, “One long pyrosome is actually a collection of thousands of clones, with each individual capable of copying itself and adding to the colony.”
pyrosome 2 pyrosome 2

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The creature’s name means “fiery body” because of its bioluminescence, a bright green-blue glow that can light up the colony when disturbed. The intense light even inspired 19th century scientist Thomas Huxley to write, “I have just watched the moon set in all her glory, and looked at those lesser moons, the beautiful Pyrosoma, shining like white-hot cylinders in the water.”

These “cylinders in the water” can grow to enormous sizes, sometimes exceeding 40 feet in length. Each zooid feeds by sucking in water, filtering small particles and blowing the waste back out. That’s also the technique that propels the colony into motion, just at a very slow pace. When the zooids pause the process, the colony can sink 1,640  to 2,295 feet below the surface of the sea.

This fascinating footage was taken by Eaglehawk Dive Centre in Tasmania, Australia.

You can watch the video here:


Rescued Tortoise Gets New Lease on Life Comforting Nursing Home Patients

shelly shelly

Photo Credit: Facebook Chataqua Rehabilitation Center

When you think of pet therapy, you probably envision a dog or maybe a cat making the rounds, but at least for one nursing home, the answer is a bit different.

At Chautauqua Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in DeFuniak Springs, it’s a rescued tortoise who serves as the facility’s only full-time therapy animal.

Shelly the tortoise was found wandering along a roadside, most likely after being abandoned by his former owner. Believed to be about 20 years old, Shelly was given another chance at life – and a wonderful purpose, bringing joy and comfort to those who really need it. Today, the slow-moving creature who weighs in at about 65 pounds, is the center’s most popular resident.

“He’s a rescue tortoise that was found walking down Highway 20 near Portland, said Brandy Meredith, an occupational therapist. “As he’s grown, he was too big for his former habitat, so he came to stay with us.”

Meredith said though it may be uncommon, Shelly has been a delight to visitors and residents alike.

shelly2 shelly2

“Winter, summer, rain, shine, Shelly is always out here, and that’s a way for the nursing home residents to know they’ve always got pet therapy available to them anytime they need it,” she added. “It definitely takes a village to care for a tortoise of this size.”

He provides entertainment, fun and maybe a flashback here or there. “Yeah, that’s a favorite thing for me,” resident LaVerral Fox noted. “Not very many people get to see an animal like this.”

Older folks aren’t the only ones who benefit from having a friend like Shelly on duty. His presence there has helped make the whole facility a more lively, welcoming place for everyone who visits.

shelly3 shelly3

“One of my favorite things is how he helps youngsters who come in to see their grandparents,” Meredith said. “Sometimes, it can be intimidating here because of the wheelchairs and the nature of long-term care can be overwhelming when you first walk through the doors. Shelly takes the edge off. Kids can bring snacks for him, and have their grandparents go out to feed him. That’s a nice thing about having him here.”

Shelly is an African Spur Thigh Tortoise, a breed that can live to be up to one hundred years old, which means he could be around for quite a while.

Just When You Thought You’d Seen It All: Owlet and Kitten Become Best Buddies

kitty and owl buddies kitty and owl buddies

Photo Credit: Hukulou Coffee via Facebook

Owlet and kitten BFFs! Now you’ve probably really seen everything.

Kittens and owlets are some of the cutest animal babies on earth, put them together and they become what has to be one of the most adorable pairs of best friends you’ve ever seen. It may be hard to believe but these two super cute creatures love to hang out, play together and even cuddle up and nap together.

It sounds like a children’s tale, but these adorable friends, Fuku-chan the owlet and Marimo the kitten are the stars of the Hukulou coffee shop in Osaka, Japan.

Fuku-chan is one of the several owls that reside at the cafe. Marimo, is a beautiful Scottish Fold kitten, and a more recent addition. When the two met, they quickly bonded.

The cafe occasionally gets other owl visitors as well, and it also sells fun owl-themed crafts and good, but these two generally steal the show. They even like to give nose kisses before settling in to cozy up together for a good nap.

Owl cafes are becoming more and more popular in Japan and around the world, but Fuku-chan and Masimo are likely the first owlet and kitten BFFs. Just goes to show, once again, if two such different creatures can get along so well, why can’t we all?

These Tiny, Handmade Dragons Will Steal Your Heart And Guard Your Treasures

When artist Darya Belomoina was a child, she used to imagine that the world was full of invisible creatures and spirits that would reveal themselves if you only knew how to look. She saw creatures in everything, from the wind and rain to her grandmother’s chair and her own toys, which she believed would come to life when no one was looking.

Of course, Belomoina grew up, but her imagination never left her. About ten years ago, she happened upon a workshop that detailed how to make toys with moving parts, and put together a toy dragon made from, as she describes, “A piece of polymer clay, paper clips, and old gloves.” Those humble materials became something right out of her childhood fantasies, and Belomoina realized that she could bring all of those fantasies to life.

Thus, her tiny, nature-inspired dragons were born.

Most of the dragons are less than a foot in length, and are fully posable. A wire frame makes their bodies stronger and more durable.

Each dragon is completely one-of-a-kind and handmade by Belomoina herself. Each one has a distinct personality, and they come in different colors and designs, so they can appeal to all.

This dragon is characterized as loving romance and nature.

This one has a preference for shiny pebbles.

(via BoredPanda)

Ever since creating her first dragon nearly a decade ago, Belomoina has continued to consistently create them. She draws inspiration from nature, fairy tales, legends, and human emotions, and is constantly working to develop and expand her skills and designs.

You can see more of Belomoina’s dragons, which are available for purchase, on her Etsy shop.

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Why Washington Is One of America’s Most Spectacular States

collage photo final2 collage photo final2

Photo Credits: Dave Morrow Terry Divyak northwestimages

If you’ve traveled the entire U.S. you probably already know that Washington State is one of the country’s most breathtaking of all – and, if you haven’t, here is a look at why it’s surely one of America’s most spectacular states. From impressive wildlife, countless waterfalls and turquoise lakes to towering mountains and a rugged coastline, Washington has it all.


orca mt baker orca mt baker

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Washington is one of the few states where orcas can be seen in the wild. The majority of sightings occur along the extreme western edge of the San Juan Islands, where they do nearly all of their playing and hunting for salmon. Here, Mount Baker looms over the water in the background.


Palouse Falls Sunset palouse falls sunset chip phillips

Photo Credit: Chip Phillips

SnoqualmieFalls SnoqualmieFalls

Photo Credit: Dan Nutt

There are countless waterfalls too, like 200-foot Palouse Falls in Eastern Washington and Snoqualmie Falls, a 276-foot waterfall on the Snoqualmie River just 30 miles east of Seattle, best known around the world for its appearance in the cult television series, “Twin Peaks.”

Turquoise lakes

diablo lake diablo lake

Photo Credit: Pierre Leclerc Photography

You’ll even find lakes with waters so incredibly blue, it’s hard to believe they’re real. Diablo Lake in the North Cascade Mountains, pictured above, wasn’t photoshopped – the hue is the result of powdered rock ground down by glaciers.

Endless soaring mountains

seattle skyline mt rainier seattle skyline mt rainier

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mt rainier flowers mt rainier flowers

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hurricane ridge hurricane ridge

Photo Credit: Amelia Andaleon

Of course, almost everyone is familiar with the iconic image of Mount Rainier, which can be seen from up to 150 miles away, towering at 14,410 feet above sea level. But there are many other impressive mountains, like Mount Baker, Mount Adams and Mount Olympus, making this state a true hiker’s paradise.

The Coast

cape-flattery cape flattery

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ruby beach sunset ruby beach sunset

Photo Credit: Cory Klein Photography

kites flying over long beach kites flying over long beach

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Then, there is the incredible, wild coastline, and even beaches that are perfect for kite flying too.

She Scooped Peanut Butter Into A Bundt Pan And Made The Best Doggie Treat Ever

Dogs aren’t known for their discerning palates, as any curious kid who’s tried their pup’s kibble can tell you. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t treat them to a yummy snack every now and then!

This simple recipe uses only three ingredients: water, peanut butter, and strawberries. Whip it up for your pooches when the weather gets hot, and they’ll be howling for more.

(source Rumble / Little Things)

I wouldn’t mind taking a little nibble of that myself. What a yummy way to keep your furry friends cool this summer!

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A Terrified Herd Of Elephants Trusted These Humans To Save A Baby From Drowning

When a baby elephant in Kenya was stuck in a water catchment, her elephant family was at a complete loss. They could not fetch their little one out of the water on their own, as it was too deep and too slippery. Elephants are very cognizant creatures, and they operate with strong family bonds, so you can imagine the panic that spread through this herd.

Thankfully, when David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust-affiliate Tsavo East KWS received a call about the baby in distress, their regular workday turned into a spectacular one.

When the rescuers arrived on the scene, the elders wouldn’t let the humans anywhere near the baby, even though they were there to help.

You can’t really blame them, as there are many humans out there still ruthlessly poaching elephants. How were they to know the difference?

A second vehicle arrived on scene and sectioned off a safe area for the rescuers.

They went to work, quickly using harnesses to get the little one far enough out of the water so that she could climb the rest of the way on her own.

As soon as she was able, the baby ran straight to her family.

Her mother cuddled close to her while the rest of the herd added an extra barrier of protection.

(via The Dodo)

It’s amazing that these elephants let their guard down and trusted the humans. If only all humans would stop giving them such a good reason to be distrustful of us, we could then all help each other out. Elephants and humans function very similarly on the emotional scale, so it’s always great when they work together.

If you’d like to be a part of this growing relationship between man and elephant, you can donate to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust here.

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20 Oddly Shaped Fruits And Veggies That Look Like Something Else

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-34__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 34 605

Sometimes you pick a cherry from the bag only to find it doesn’t look like a normal cherry. There’s always that occasional fruit or vegetable that doesn’t match up with their peers, maybe they are too small, too big or too oblong, or maybe they just look like a butterfly instead of a strawberry. Every once in a while nature gives us a super sweet gift, producing oddly shaped fruits or vegies that look like something else altogether.

Carrots are one of the most common oddly shaped vegetables but potatoes, radishes, and strawberries put up some pretty tough competition. Get ready to be amazed looking at these everyday foods that look like anything but dinner.

1. Strawberry Butterfly

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-30__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 30 605Photo Credit: whoisthismilfhere

2. Mother Child Hugging Veggies

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-16__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 16 605Photo Credit: kevorkian82

3. Angry Birds Coming To An Onion Aisle Near You

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-5__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 5 605Photo Credit:

4. Human Radish On The Move

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-7__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 7 605Photo Credit: DD1234567

5. This Funky Carrot Got Moves

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-3__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 3 605Photo Credit: Tatsputin

6. The Most Mystical Eggplant

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-105__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 105 605Photo Credit: boredboarder8

7. Quack-Quack, Duck-shaped Tomato

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-102__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 102 605Photo Credit: Rick

8. The Pouting Carrot…Does Anyone Carrot About Me At All?

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-2__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 2 605Photo Credit: obvincognito

9. Chicken Strawberry

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-34__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 34 605Photo Credit: Grove Farm

10. A Beary Good Potato

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-103__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 103 605Photo Credit: Geoff Robinson

11. I Like My Veggies Screaming For Their Life

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-18__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 18 605Photo Credit: howeeee 

12. Radish Shaped Like A Foot With Five Intact Toes ‘Stands’ On Display

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-8__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 8 605Photo Credit:

13. Owl Apple

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-111__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 111 605Photo Credit: Unknown

14. Angry Monster Pickle Trapped At Bottom Of Jar

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-112__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 112 605Photo Credit:

15. ‘Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls’

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-101__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 101 605Photo Credit: the2belo

16. Obvi, This Pumpkin Could Only Mean One Thing: The Dragons Are Coming This Halloween

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-110__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 110 605Photo Credit: uglypatty

17. This Lemon Thinks It’s A Banana

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-6__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 6 605Photo Credit: SombreroSC

18. Foot-shaped Carrot

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-21__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 21 605Photo Credit: Stuart Boulton

19. That Is One Sheep Potatoe

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-22__605 unusual shape fruit vegetables 22 605Photo Credit: Unknown

20. This Broccoli Isn’t Afraid To Speak Its Mind

TiemposMafufos unusual shape fruit vegetables 24 605Photo Credit: fungwahbus

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