Grumpy Cat Getting Dethroned By Earl the Grumpy Puppy

grumpy puppy grumpy puppy

Photo Credit: Facebook Earl The Grumpy Puppy

Move over Grumpy Cat, there’s a new grump around: Earl the Grumpy Puppy.

Earl, a five-month-old second-generation puggle who lives in Iowa, became an internet sensation when his owner Derek Bloomfield posted pics on Reddit. Earl quickly gained more than two million views and attracted series of memes and jokes that say things like “this dog looks like it pays taxes.” Though despite his gloomy expression and a look that would have you believe he’d rip your head off if you woke him from a nap, Bloomfield told the Mirror in an interview that Earl is actually quite playful and friendly to everyone he meets. The reason he looks so grumpy all the time is because of his underbite that permanently makes a frown on his little face.

“He is the most relaxed, content puppy either one of us [he and his girlfriend] has ever seen. Whenever he wants something he’ll calmly sit down and stare at us until we ask him the right question. Then he wags his tail in approval,” Bloomfield told the paper. “He’s constantly trying to snuggle up to one of us and has us in constant fits of laughter through his facial expressions and mannerisms. He’s a daddy’s boy and loves to pick on his momma.”

grumpy earl grumpy earl

grumpy earl2 grumpy earl2

grumpy earl3 grumpy earl3

Grumpy Cat, who has has reportedly amassed a $100 million fortune, definitely has some stiff competition. If not totally dethroned yet, the sad looking feline may be on its way out, while its canine counterpart is definitely in.

This Genius Man Just Asked One of the Most Fascinating Questions We've Ever Heard

Food for thought:

It"s hard not to love this guy!

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Amazing Campsites You Have to Experience At Least Once

ruby beach camping ruby beach camping e1438175992553

Photo Credit:

If you like to camp, these out-of-this-world campsites are spots that should all be experienced at least once in your lifetime. Even if you don’t, taking a look at these images might just change your mind, like Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park, pictured above. Located on the southwest coast of Washington State, this rugged, isolated beach is true, unspoiled wilderness known for huge waves and tide pools filled with an abundance of marine life.

Another view of this jaw-dropping place pictured below.

ruby beach camping2 ruby beach camping2

Photo Credit: Flickr: JustinWKern

Yosemite National Park, California

Room With a View yosemite falls halfdome

Photo Credit:

Would you like a room with that view? Yosemite National Park is one of the country’s most spectacular national parks, with sights like Yosemite Falls, the highest waterfall in North America, and Half Dome, a granite crest that rises 4,737 feet above the valley floor.

Joshua Tree National Park, California

joshua tree camp joshua tree camp

Photo Credit: Scott Rickenburger

Joshua Tree National Park is renowned not just for the trees that seem to have a personality of their own, but for its unique rock formations that attract climbers from across the globe and some of the most stunning stargazing opportunities on the planet.

Glacier National Park, Montana

glacier camping glacier camping

Photo Credit: Flickr: GlacierNPS

Glacier National Park truly has it all, from soaring rocky peaks to glistening lakes, waterfalls and an abundance of wildlife. Hole-in-the-Wall Backcountry Campground, pictured above, allows campers to experience its wild, remote interior where more animals than humans are typically seen.

Tatshenshini River, Alaska

tatshenshini river tatshenshini river e1438177579112
Numerous visitors are drawn to this river popular for rafting, offering the chance to paddle past icebergs, giant calving glaciers and snow-capped mountain ranges before rafting up on shore for a night spent in the Alaskan wilderness.

Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland

Darkroom on Assateague as a runup to the Annual Pony Swim assteague e1438177774856

Photo Credit: Barbara Haddock Taylor/Baltimore Sun

At Assateague Island National Seashore, you’ll share your spot with some 101 wild ponies that wander across the beaches and salt marshes.

They Weren't Sure If Their Child Would Live, But Its Recovery Was A True Miracle

The birth of Ward Miles was an occasion of mixed feelings. Sure, his parents welcomed him into the world, but they did so with trepidation. Born three and a half months premature, Ward only weighed a little over a pound, and his future was uncertain.

Still, his parents stood by him as a team of doctors and nurses monitored Ward, and his father decided to document the stressful first year of Ward’s life. The resulting video is incredibly moving — and a great testament to the amazing things done by medical science.

Watch Ward’s first year here, as documented by his dad.

Source: Dad Documents Premature Son’s First Year of Life by benjaminscot on Rumble

Today, Ward is a happy, energetic baby with a bright future. Watching his transformation, as well as the dedication of his parents and the medical staff, is nothing short of heartwarming.

Thanks to medical advancements, premature babies have some pretty awesome chances — and stories:

Jack Sparrow AKA Johnny Depp Adopts an Orphaned Bat

jd and bat 2 jd and bat 2

Photo Credit:

Donning his full-on Jack Sparrow costume, Johnny Depp adopts an orphaned bat and is melting hearts around the world after being captured on film bottle feeding the adorable creature named “Jackie Sparrow.”

The Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Center posted a sweet video of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star getting to know his new pal. The bat was wrapped in a green blanket and took sips out of a teeny tiny yellow bottle.

The center explained, “Johnny Depp caught up with us again last week for an update on little Jackie Sparrow (the orphaned bat he is sponsoring). Here is a video of Dad bottle feeding his little orphaned baby. It’s so fantastic to see him showing a genuine interest, and helping us raise awareness for bats!”

See for yourself here:

“To fall in love with them,” Johnny is seen saying in the brief clip, admiringly watching little Jackie enjoying her feed.

The actor seems to be taking his daddy responsibilities very seriously. The baby bat was teething, according to a clinic staff member on hand.

“That’s why she wants that dummy so much,” Johnny said, nurturing the animal and continuing, “there’s more in there sweetheart, there’s more in there.”

Earlier this year Trish Wimberley, Director of the Australian Bat Clinic, told the U.K.’s Daily Mail that Depp had pledged his movie star money to sponsor a baby rescue flying fox. She was named Jackie Sparrow because of her sparrow-like qualities and the Hollywood actor’s close proximity – the tiny mammal was found injured in the recent Queensland storms.

“Johnny Depp is only about 15, 20 minutes from here [filming] so I said we should call her little Jackie Sparrow,” recalled Wimberley.

The team then contacted Johnny’s publicist to see if he minded them borrowing the name.

“He was very interested in it [Jackie Sparrow] and so we asked if Johnny would like to sponsor her, because we do sponsor little babies and he said yes,” Wimberley added, noting, “We’re going to be sending Johnny an adoption certificate and little update photos, which is what we normally do with our sponsors.”

She also said that the center was “very lucky” to have the actor’s support.

This Kid Can't Keep His Eyes Open At Dinner After A Long Day On The Playground

You know that feeling you get after working a long day and you just can’t wait to get home and sleep? Well, kids have that same feeling, and this little boy is no exception. He can’t seem to keep his eyes open after a long day of playing. We don’t blame him for wanting to hit the hay early — even if it’s at the dinner table!

Source: Tired toddler falls asleep in food! by jboltt on Rumble

What a mess this tired little tyke has created! Mom should just let him go to bed next time.

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After Killing Cecil the Lion, Internet Outrage Forces Killer To Close His Dental Office

cecil lion cecil lion

Photo Credit: YouTube/Bryan Orford

Cecil the lion was one of the most popular stars at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park – that was, until he was killed by Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota ho paid $55,000 for the “pleasure” to off him.

The beautiful creature’s death has sparked outrage from across the globe, with the backlash so strong, Palmer’s website was shut down and his dental office has shut its doors.

Palmer, who is a trophied archer and frequent big game hunter denied any wrongdoing, explaining in a statement, “To my knowledge, everything about this trip was legal and properly handled and conducted. I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt.”

The dentist had paid a guide to lure Cecil out of the park at night so he could be hunted. He shot and wounded Cecil with a bow, but was only able to kill him 40 hours later. Cecil was beheaded and skinned – -they also removed his tracking collar against park rules.

The Zimbabwean Tourism Authority says the hunt was illegal, and a criminal investigation is currently under way.

Unfortunately, the lion’s death doesn’t just affect him, and those who loved him. Not that he’s gone, the ZTA says that the other male lions will probably kill off the 24 cubs that he had left with his pride to ensure that their own bloodlines live on instead.

Meanwhile, as Palmer’s dental office sits with the shutters drawn, locals have covered the front door with flowers, signs and stuffed animals as a memorial for Cecil.

These 20 Animals Will Never Give Up On Fitting Into Hilariously Tight Spots

You know that feeling when you pull on your favorite pair of jeans? It’s like they were made specifically for you…but that’s because you’ve spent countless hours stretching them to conform exactly to your shape. Now compare the bliss of that perfect fit with these animals who are trying their darnedest to squeeze into places that they, quite frankly, are not going to fit into. Too bad they’ll never know the feeling…

1. They say the shelf life for canned corgis is much longer, right?

2. Normally I use this for flowers…but that’ll do, too.

3. Not quite the little tyke you once were, huh?

4. “Get it all in there, Fred.”

5. “Please don’t ship me to Canada…”

6. “Don’t tell Tim I’m here. This is hour five of hide-and-seek and I’m KILLING it.”

7. Clearly everyone wins in this game.

8. So that’s why my gutters keep overflowing.

9. “Please, call me Lawrence, not Larry.”

10. Chamomile with a side of some fur, please.

11. Straight-up chillin’.

12. “This tub is just my size!”

13. “Speed is my middle name.”

14. “Don’t even think about putting me in the attic.”

15. That’s weird, I thought I planted petunias.

16. How many cats does it take…to fill up a cardboard box?

17. You know, it’s not called a cat door for nothing.

18. “I had to eat all the popcorn so I could sits…”

19. “Don’t ever leave me.”

20. There goes that game of HORSE we had planned…

All these animals should learn from this guy…just spread out and enjoy your naps without any restrictions!

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Shock Therapy Awaiting FDA Approval Could Lead To A Variety Of Health Benefits

tDCS or transcranial direct current stimulation is an experimental therapy technique where low levels of electricity are emitted into the brain.

It has been beneficial to patients in need of stroke rehabilitation, memory stimulation and pain management.

It"s a very inexpensive treatment option, but is not yet approved by the FDA.

Check out this video to see how tCDS actually works and the DIY methods people are using to try it on themselves.

This Amazingly Lucky Man Won The Lottery After Being Struck By Lightning

When Peter McCathie was younger, he had the unfortunate experience of being struck by lightning. Luckily, the Canadian man survived that ordeal, lived to tell the tale, and even started his own business. But Peter had no idea that Lady Luck wasn’t quite finished with him yet.

Watch what happens when McCathie learns that his entire life is about to change…again. The only difference this time around is that it’s for the better.

NDN / WSBTV – Atlanta

(source: CTV News)

Between 120 and 190 people are struck by lightning in Canada each year. At the same time, the odds of winning the lottery are one in 14 million. According to Sophie Leger at the University of Moncton, the odds of both happening in one lifetime are one in 2.6 trillion. Peter McCathie somehow beat those incredible odds. Way to go, man!

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Some Facts That Everyone Needs To Know About Breast Cancer

Listen to this video to learn from a researcher at Imperial College, London about what you should do to improve your awareness when it comes to Breast Cancer:

H/T: YouTube

This Experimental New Therapy Has Incredible Benefits For Numerous Health Conditions

tDCS or transcranial direct current stimulation is an experimental therapy technique where low levels of electricity are emitted into the brain.

It has been beneficial to patients in need of stroke rehabilitation, memory stimulation and pain management.

It"s a very inexpensive treatment option, but is not yet approved by the FDA.

Check out this video to see how tCDS actually works and the DIY methods people are using to try it on themselves.

This Tiny Baby Is Such A String Cheese Tease To His Doberman Pal

We learn at a young age that cheese is delicious. Grilled cheese sandwiches, Cheez-Its, those itty-bitty Babybel cheeses — the list could go on forever when it comes to kid-friendly creamy delights. But human kids aren’t the only ones who love these snackable treats…

All this sweet dog wants is to share some string cheese with his baby bro. There’s just one problem…

The boy’s a bit of a string cheese tease!

“Can I pleeassee?”

Good thing this dog is so patient with the tiny baby. I can’t say I’d be quite so accommodating if someone was dangling cheese in my face…

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13 Alcoholic Drinks From Around The World That Are Unusual But Totally Worth Trying

1. Spirytus Vodka

 Spirytus Vodka is native to Poland and is said to be one of the harshest drinks in the world. It contains 95% ABV.

2. Rogue Ales Beard Beer

The Rogue Ale brewmaster uses yeast from his own beard to make this beer.

4. Sour Toe Cocktail

The Yukon’s Sour Toe Cocktail is a drink made with a dehydrated, preservered human toe in it. 

5. Absinthe

Absinthe is also called "The Green Fairy," and is said to have magical, hallucinogenic properties.

6. John Crow Batty Rum

This rare 160 proof liquor originated in Jamaica.

7. Snake, Scorpion and Lizard Wine

These drinks are popular in Vietnam and Thailand and are said to have many health benefits.

8. Pappy Van Winkle"s Family Reserve

This brand of whiskey is in high demand but is extremely hard to find.

3. Poitín

Poitín is an Irish moonshine that was once illegal because it contains 85% alcohol by volume.

9. Agwa de Bolivia

Some people believe that this Netherlands-based drink contains cocaine. It contains elements of the coca leaf which can be found in cocaine.

10. Mekong River Eel Wine

This is just as gross as it sounds. Eels from the Mekong River are used to make this wine.

11. Snake Venom Beer

The world’s strongest beer can be found in Scotland.

12. River Antoine Royal Grenadian Rum

 River Antoine Royal Grenadian Rum is said to taste like lighter fluid. It’s extremely flammable and is illegal on most airlines.

13. Maotai

Maotai, China is where the Maotai originated. A bottle from 1958 is priced at 1.45 million yuan.

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This Sweet Seal Pup Plays An Adorable Game Of Hide-And-Seek With A Dog

There are many fascinating and beautiful sights for tourists to take in during a stroll along the River Thames in London, England. While enjoying the cool sea breezes one afternoon, this sweet labrador discovered just that when a silly seal pup popped by to say hello.

The two take a little bit to get used to each other, but soon both their playful sides take over and it’s like they’re enjoying the cutest game of hide-and-seek ever.

(source Seal pup plays hide and seek with dog by nicolawhite)

You have to admit, that’s way cooler than any ordinary day at the dog park. Hopefully they’ll get a chance to go back to visit the little cutie more!

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This Adorable Mini Pig's Excitement Is Unmatched By Any Other Animal We've Seen

If you’ve ever thought owning a mini pig might be easier than raising a puppy, think again. Though they’re just as cute, their endless energy and excitement can be a lot to handle.

Don’t believe us? Just watch Pickle the mini pig run around — he’s like the Energizer Bunny…but way cuter!

(source Pickle the Mini Pig can’t contain his excitement by PickleTheMiniPig)

A full minute of constant sprinting and Pickle still isn’t worn out. He has enough energy in that tiny little body to power their entire house!

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This Is What A First-Person Point Of View Looks Like From Inside A Flying Drone

The drones for this project were made, not purchased, so they"re entirely unique.

These drones are made for racing, so drone pilots can have a hard time controlling them.

The drone pilots who are racing against the Holden Astra wear goggles that allow them to fly from the perspective of the drone.

Check out this video from Vice to watch the high-flying drones in action.