He Took An Old Stump And Made It Into Something So Unbelievably Gorgeous

When most people see a tree stump, they don’t think of it as something beautiful. But Duncan Meerding, a furniture and lighting designer, sees plenty of potential.

The legally blind artist, fascinated by the dispersement of light, creates the coolest lamps you’ll ever see using just LED lights and raw tree pieces. His goal is to create tactile work that exemplifies the “alternative sensory world” he lives in. Meerding uses new technology along with traditional woodworking methods to build his pieces, only crafting with sustainable wood, so as to not destroy the environment he attempts to emulate.

Check out his amazing work below. You’ve never seen a tree stump quite as beautiful as this.

The logs Meerding uses for his lamps would have otherwise been burnt. He says the warm, golden light represents the future this wood would have had, had he not created something with it.

Meerding notes that many timber-based works try to avoid the cracks his pieces embrace…

But he would rather “push the light through the things often associated with darkness.”

The craftsman makes two different kinds of log lamps, one for the outdoors and one for indoor use. Both aim to remind us of our “intrinsic connection with nature.”

Meerding has been honored by many conferences and with awards for his sustainable design.

He also makes wall sconces out of reclaimed timber.

This stunning stump knife block would look good in anyone’s home.

Meerding also makes other products that are inspired by nature, like this bird’s nest entry piece.

You can buy Meerding’s pieces on his website, including this lily lamp with a hand-carved stem. Check out his merchandise here.

It’s amazing what Meerding can do with wood that others have written off as useless. I love that he puts his experience and life into each piece, making them truly original.

If you enjoyed his work, you can follow Meerding on Facebook, and be sure to check out more of his stuff on his website.

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Grace Eire

On Viral Nova, Grace writes about cute animals. She also writes for design42day.com, and thoroughly enjoys puns – the good kind or the bad kind. She’s not picky when it comes to puns. She’s studied English, music, film, and other creative fields. In her spare time she’s reading or writing creative nonfiction, arranging songs, or writing jokes just in case she some day decides to try stand up comedy.

Just Try Not To Smile When You See This Adorable, Snuggly Dog Family

When a Weimaraner named Harlow made friends with a Mini Dachshund named Sage, the world took notice. The two were inseparable and shared many happy years together, full of dreamy nap times and a good amount of kerfuffle over which toy belongs to whom. But that’s what family and friendship are all about, right?

The family has undergone a couple changes over the years, but one thing’s for sure: they’re always adorable.

The cutie on the left is Sage.

She was Harlow’s best bud until the day she passed at the wise, old age of 13.

Harlow missed her friend dearly, and took to searching diligently for another friend to keep her company.

At long last, she found this Mini Dachshund, Indiana Thunderbolt.

(They really love to snuggle!)

They had lots of lovely days together…

But it felt like something was missing.

That’s where this little nugget comes in.

Reese Lightning completed this adorable trio…at first a bit timidly.

But now all three are the best buds any pup could ever ask for!

The two little ones sometimes like to nap together (on top of Harlow, of course).

They also enjoy getting a little sudsy in the bath together.

But Harlow can’t help herself from being a little jealous…she likes to steal one of the Mini Dachshunds away from the other every once in a while for some one-on-one nap time.

But really, their favorite pastime is snuggling up together, all three of them.

Harlow puts up with all of the little ones’ nonsense…

But these cuddles are so worth it!

This pup totem pole is too much to handle.

Same goes for this pile-o-pooches!

There’s never a dull moment with these adorable ladies.

It’s so clear that these pooches all genuinely care for each other. You can tell that if one of the minis were having trouble reaching a snack on the table, Harlow would lend a paw, and that Indiana and Reese would both gladly venture under the couch to fetch one of Harlow’s missing toys.

I wish I could join all of these snuggle sessions! If you do, too, you can keep up to date with their website, Instagram, Facebook, and online store.

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He Woke Up To Check His Phone And Found A Picture He Couldn't Explain

When the lights are out and we’re finally drifting to sleep, our brains decide that they don’t feel like turning off for the night. Scary scenarios begin running through your head. What terrifying things could be happening in the dark bedroom beyond your closed eyelids? I personally start to imagine that aliens are creeping in through the windows while I’m not looking.

While that’s a pretty far-out fantasy for most people, it’s one that might actually have some merit for Redditor Killerfishfinger. Last year, Killerfishfinger woke one morning as usual and found something strange on his phone…

It was this picture of what looks like lights in the night sky.

Killerfishfinger says that, accrording to his phone, the photo was taken at 10:52 p.m. the previous night. That’s fine, except for the fact that he was already in bed by that point and doesn’t remember getting up.

Commenters were quick to speculate about what exactly was happening in the picture. The speculation got even more heated after one user enhanced the image with Photoshop.

In the enhanced version, you can clearly see that the lighted object is floating above the tree line behind someone facing away from the camera. Killerfishfinger says that the person in the photo is not him.

According to Killerfishfinger, the tree line that you can see in the enhanced versions of the picture resembles the tree line on his own property.

(via: Week In Weird)

Is it possible that Killerfishfinger was actually visited by beings from another world? Personally, I’d like to believe that scenario. However, the terrible thing about the Internet and Adobe Photoshop is that it’s very easy to create fake images to support a wild story. Whether the story is true or not, it’s still pretty spooky.

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Grace Eire

On Viral Nova, Grace writes about cute animals. She also writes for design42day.com, and thoroughly enjoys puns – the good kind or the bad kind. She’s not picky when it comes to puns. She’s studied English, music, film, and other creative fields. In her spare time she’s reading or writing creative nonfiction, arranging songs, or writing jokes just in case she some day decides to try stand up comedy.

25 Totally Vicious, Angry, Feral Wolves In The Wild...JK, They're Adorable!

While we don’t recommend having one in your home, for obvious reasons, there is an adorable world of wolves out there just waiting to be embraced with sweet, cuddly affection!

Sanctuaries across the country offer visitors the once-in-a-lifetime chance of experiencing just how kind these so-called “vicious” creatures can truly be. After looking at just a handful of precious pics around the web, I couldn’t help myself from figuring out a way to visit one! Just try and stop yourself from doing the same by the time you reach the end…

1. “No really guys, where’d my ball go?”

2. “Oof, you use way too much gel, man.”

3. He really puts the “aw” in “awoooo!”

4. “You are the funniest human I’ve ever met!”

5. “Wanna know a secret? Psych, have a smooch!”

6. “Got any more beef jerky?”

7. This is what she gets for using hamburger scented moisturizer.

8. In this battle of cuteness, everyone wins.

9. “There, there, buddy. You’ll find a new wolf babe in no time.”

10. The day he learned how thirsty rolling around in the mud can make a pup.

11. “Thanks for helping me finally catch this guy! He’s been following me for MONTHS!”

12. “YUM. I love it when you have steak burritos for lunch!”

13. Too much cuddly cuteness. Cannot compute.

14. He’ll steal your girlfriend if you’re not careful.

15. He’ll never forget his first date.

16. “Dude, you don’t have to act tough. They have treats!”

17. “C’mere, yoouuu.”

18. “Hi! Are you my new best friend?”

19. Living at this level of adorable is always exhausting.

20. “Ooh, you’re wearing my favorite lip gloss!”

21. He’s always surrounded by lovely ladies.

22. It’s important to find a best friend with a comfortable lap, of course.

23. “I told you, Mom, I’m a vegetarian now!”

24. And that’s how she became the third wheel on her own date.

25. “What? I’m just a lil’ puppy.”

So, when are you planning your trip? Maybe we can synchronize our schedules and see these sweet, fuzzy faces at the same time! Better hurry up, though. I definitely won’t be able to wait long.

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