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This Is How To Turn Any Photo Into An Epic Wall Clock...It's Surprisingly Easy

Looking at the clock can be depressing. Watching every minute pass too slowly or too quickly can send you into an anxiety-ridden state of trauma.

But there’s a solution! Turn your time keeping into a photo of your pet, or any other adorable pic you’d like, and soon every second will be super cute. And the best part: it’s so easy you might even think about lining your whole wall with these awesome timepieces.

Use glossy photo paper to print your picture.

You’ll need an X-Acto knife, paintbrush, Mod Podge, and foam board.

Carefully cut your photo out with the X-Acto.

Trim your foam board to the same dimensions and attach the photo with your Mod Podge.

Use nail polish to paint a cheap clock kit for an extra splash of color.

Once dry, cut a small hole in the middle of your photo for the hands.

Then secure the back.

Finally, add a few painted paper dots to indicate 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00.

(source A Beautiful Mess)

What a simple way for your pets, family members, or maybe even your favorite celeb to help you get through every moment of the day! Be right back…heading to the craft store.

Want To Rough It In The Woods? Make Sure You Do It Right With These Simple Tricks

You’re often greeted with a look of horror when you tell people you’re going camping, as they imagine shivering on the cold ground while doing unmentionable things with possibly rash-inducing leaves.

Calm down, guys. Camping isn’t actually that bad if you do it right. And be honest with yourself. Don’t pretend like you’re Les Stroud and then end up miserable for the next few days. Once you’ve decided where you’re going, there are still lots of little things you can do to make your trip easy and comfortable.

1. Make a list before you go.

This seems obvious, but write down every single thing you’re going to need before you start packing. This way, you’ll be sure not to forget anything.

2. Learn to make a proper fire.

No, dumping out a bunch of charcoal brickettes and dousing them with lighter fluid doesn’t count. You’ll look like an idiot. Many campgrounds will actually sell bundles of wood complete with a starter stick and instructions on how to build a stable fire that will last you all night.

3. Cook with tinfoil.

Cooking in tinfoil is perfect for grills and fires because it keeps moisture and flavor locked in. It can also double as a serving tray.

4. Put pancake batter in a plastic squeeze jar for breakfast.

You will need a pan to cook said pancakes, but pre-made batter in a squeeze bottle makes preparing breakfast easy and neat.

5. Pack frozen bottles of water in coolers.

Plastic bottles only, please! These blocks of ice will keep your food cold and cut down on the amount of bagged ice you’ll have to buy and transport. Once the water melts, you can drink it. If you have a decent cooler (like, not a Styrofoam one), the jugs should stay frozen for a few days.

6. Make a reading light from a headlamp and a water jug.

A headlamp strapped around a jug of water will give you a pretty decent lamp. Just remember that when a light’s on in a tent, other people can see your silhouette. So turn it off before doing anything weird.

7. Keep toilet paper in a coffee container.

If you’re really roughing it and there are no outhouses or bathrooms on your campground, this is a good way to keep toilet paper clean and dry before use.

8. Make toothpaste dots if space is an issue.

Squeeze out dime-sized dots of toothpaste on a paper plate and let dry for about two days. Then sprinkle with baking soda, pop off the plate, and store in a Ziplock bag. Now you don’t have to carry the whole tube.

9. Make one-time-use soap leaves for bathing

These little wafers of soap are great for camping because you don’t have to lug around a soggy soap bar in a Ziplock baggie, which is gross. You can buy them, or you can even make your own by slicing soap into thin wafers. They’ll dissolve after one use. If you’re going to be bathing in a natural body of water, use a biodegradable soap like Ivory.

10. Make an acorn whistle.

If you get separated while hiking, you can make whistles from acorn caps to call out to your friends. Or just annoy everyone else in the campground. Whatever. Here’s how.

11. Keep first aid supplies in a mint tin.

Tweezers, Band-Aids, pins, and a spare bit of tissue all fit easily inside one of these. You can even throw in a mini lighter.

12. Use sage to keep mosquitos at bay.

Sprinkle some dried sage on your fire to keep the bugs away. Plus, it smells nice!

13. Store tape on water bottles.

Instead of bringing the whole roll, just wrap as much tape as you think you’ll need around a plastic water bottle. If you want to use it, just peel some off.

14. Bundle six-pack plastic rings together to make a pan-scrubber.

These things are great for scrubbing caked-on food out of pans. Just make sure that they get properly disposed of when you’re home.

15. Avoid breaking glasses by using silicone cups.

They’re also easy to pack, since they’re collapsable.

16. Three words: Bailey’s-dipped marshmallows.

Yeah, you’re going to want to try this.

17. Make your own sangria.

Get the recipe here, because drinking while camping is a thing.

Remember, as with any trip, planning is everything. You can enjoy camping, stay safe, and remain (relatively) clean if you take time to plan and have the right equipment.

This Wooden Idol Is Older Than The Pyramids And Full Of Indecipherable Markings

11,000 years ago, a group of ancient humans in present-day Russia created a giant, hand-carved wooden statue standing at over six feet tall. From the top to the bottom, they inscribed an intricate code into the idol. At some point after the inscription, the idol was lost and sank to the bottom of a bog, where it remained until it was rediscovered in the late 1800s.

Researchers at the time dubbed it the Shigir Idol, since it was found in the peat bog of Shigir near the Ural Mountains.

After its discovery, researchers attempted to decode the writings on the idol, but failed at every attempt.

Those who study the Shigir Idol believe its writings were a stone age method of passing on information to future generations. Some experts believe the writings might be a religious creation story similar to the Bible’s book of Genesis.

When it was first discovered, the idol was thought to be about 9,500 years old.

A more recent carbon dating puts its age closer to 11,000 years old. That’s twice as old as the great pyramids and Stonehenge. The Shigir Idol is currently the oldest wooden structure in the world.

(via Yahoo)

That idol is creepy looking. I think it’s the almost human-looking face that gets me. It’s crazy to think that something so substantial from so long ago can still exist today.

Take An Old, Boring Necklace You Don't Wear Anymore And Do This With It...

Fashion fans all know that a well-selected accessory can make or break an entire outfit. If you’re struggling with having to work with the same old options from your collection, using this simple DIY trick will transform them into totally new and gorgeous statement pieces.

All you need is your old item and a few bottles of nail polish and you’ll be turning heads with your custom bling in no time.

There’s no need to stop with just a necklace — give your whole jewelry box a makeover! The possibilities are only as limited as your polish collection.

This Baby Elephant Just Wants To Play With Her Doggy Friend

When babies start to walk on their own, it’s a big occasion. They quickly learn to love their newfound independence, but with that independence comes immense responsibility. And they don’t care about any of that…because they’re babies. They’ll take every opportunity they can to get into trouble.

This doesn’t just apply to human babies. The second this little elephant started straying from mom, she wanted her dog friend to join in on the fun. The only problem was that the pup was in the middle of a nap. No matter! A friendly nudge would do the trick.

What a precious friendship! They’re an odd couple, that’s for sure. One is rambunctious, and the other needs a little beauty sleep after lunch, but they make a cute pair. These little opposites clearly attracted, and we hope that they’re having lots of fun playdates now that baby is feeling more independent.

These Back-To-School Fails Will Make You Fear Your First Day Of Class

It’s September, which means that school is back in session. If you’re sending your child off for another year, there’s no doubt that you’ll embarrass them at some point along the way.

Once you’re out of sight, however, they do an excellent job of embarrassing themselves. Don’t believe me? Look no further than these awful student fails.

Yikes. We all make fools out of ourselves, but these kids just took that to a whole new level. Let’s just hope that they make it to graduation.

With Nutella And Bananas, You Can Make Insanely Delicious Ice Cream At Home

We all crave ice cream every now and then, but a simple scoop of vanilla or chocolate doesn’t always hit the spot. The other issue is that anything you buy at the store is usually packed with saturated fat, which isn’t cool. Luckily for us, this person just came up with a healthy, delicious, and totally unique alternative to everyone’s favorite indulgence.

With one banana, some Nutella, and a little bit of patience, you can create amazing ice cream at home!

Healthier alternatives typically aren’t as good as the original, but I challenge you to tell me that this doesn’t look amazing. I mean, who doesn’t love bananas, Nutella, and ice cream? Bringing them together in one perfect snack is such a good idea.

25 Truths Every Dog Owner Knows Their Pup Truly, Wholeheartedly Believes

Dog owners know that each adorable pup comes with its own unique personality, habits, and quirks. But they also know that some things are simply universal, no matter what type of pooch you bring into your home.

These hilarious thoughts have definitely crossed every dog’s mind at one point or another. Whether they’re actually true or not doesn’t matter to their silly little brains.

Did you recognize a few thoughts from your own cutie? Bless their hearts, it really is a good thing they are all so dang adorable.